Bump in the Night

Happily lounging in their haunted house, the monsters wait for new victims to prey upon, waiting to feed on the psychic energies of fear. It is a rare treat when the foolish mortals enter your halls of doom, but luckily today is such a day! A large group of kids has decided to spend the night in your halls, daring each other to face the terrors until the break of dawn. Dawn will not come soon enough to save them, the only question that remains is which group of monsters will terrorize them the most!

In "Bump In The Night" 2 to 6 players each play a group of six monsters that they will use to terrorize people in the haunted house. If enough terror is generated in a person, or if a person is forced to flee the house, the player claims the person for a point. Points can also be gained through special bonus cards. The first player to have five or more points on their turn wins the game.

Designer: Colin Dimock
Our Number: TLC 3410
UPC: 823973034106
Suggested Price: $34.99
Status: In Stock as of November 17, 2008 update

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