Hidden Conflict

For when you're lookin' for a fight!

While mankind has fought with itself, the forces of evil have gathered and prepared for one final, apocalyptic assault. Each group has fine tuned their forces and stands ready to fight for ultimate control of the earth.

You are the leader of one of these groups, and you alone will determine who has control of the earth for now...

Hidden Conflict is an innovative, tile-based, skirmish game that allows players to fight for global domination as either the forces of good or one of the many evil groups vying for control. Players build an army from the beautifully illustrated tiles and face off against their foes. The game plays equally well with two to six players.

This large box contains 240 "Army" tiles, complete rules and 6 player "cheat" cards.

Designer: Kerry Breitenstein
Additional Development: Todd A. Breitenstein
Cover Art: Jim Pavelec
Tile Art: Ralph Horsley (Zombies, “Scatter”), Chris Martinez (Humans, “Extraction”), Sean Parrack (Items, “Miss”, “Lost”, “Bomb”), Jim Pavelec (Werewolves, “Flashfire”), Terry Pavlet (Vampires, “Hypnosis”), Chad Sergesketter (Ghouls, “Trap”), Tony Steele (Demons, “Daybreak”) Sample Combat Matchup
Playtesters: Joseph Spagnola, Stephanie Spagnola, Eric Hughs, Christian MacLeod, Our Kids (Jonathan, Alex and Marissa) and The Usual Cast of Living Impaired
Our Number: TLC 3300
UPC: 823973033000
Suggested Price: $19.99
Status: In Stock as of May 12, 2005 update

Official Hidden Conflict Stuff

Revised Rules
These rules incoporate many of the FAQ items and were prepared July 10, 2005.

Hidden Conflict FAQ

First Turn (warning large! file)

First Turn as online show.

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His white border marks that he's a human. He's a good attacker with a 6 rating, but only has a 2 in defense. Aid is a special ability.
The zombie forces have a blue border. This one has the Scout special ability (See the rules to learn more)
This werewolf is the leader of all his yellow-bordered brethren.
Her rank 3 makes this vampire one of the lieutenants in the vampire army. Tiles are ranked from 1 (most powerful) to 6 (least powerful).
The ghastly green tiles are the ghouls.