MidEvil is the first game to be based on, and an extension of, the award winning Zombies!!! system from Twilight Creations. Players have escaped the modern-day zombie horde only to find themselves transported back in time and faced with a whole new set of problems!

Designer: Todd & Kerry Breitenstein
Artwork: Dave Aikins, Ed Bourelle, Paul (Prof) Hebert and Jeremy McHugh
Our Number: TLC 2100
UPC: 823973021007
Suggested Price: $24.99
Status: Out of Stock as of January 16, 2008 update

Official MidEvil Stuff

Official Rules

Russian Rules
French Rules
German Rules and German Cards
Spanish Rules
Italian Rules (Thanks to Francesco Neri)

MidEvil FAQ

Strategy Suggestions:
Skeleton Placement

Expansions and Accessories

MidEvil II: Castle Chaos
There's no place like home...

MidEvil III: Subterranean Homesick Blues
Don't look in the basement...


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