Bag O' Zombies Contest Results

We recently ran a contest to find out what our fans would do with a Bag o' Zombies. Maybe one of these will inspire you.

Except for first second and third (which appear at the bottom of the list) these are in no particular order. Some of the longer ones have been moved to their own pages for your sanity.

Zombies Birthday

Submitted by: Matt Steflik
No flame. Just charge the little guys up under the light and use them for "candles" on a birthday cake. It could really rock if it was for a "horror theme" party. You could get a sheet cake iced to look like a graveyard and have some of the zombies coming out of "cake graves". You could arrange them quite artfully on a round cake as well. A mess of them arranged in a staggered circle with the one arm pointing toward the center might look like a weird Ethel Merman-esque water ballet of the dead when viewed from above the cake. Regardless, they'd look cool in a darkened room for a surprise party and you couldn't blow 'em out!

Night of the Living Dead

Submitted by: Matt Steflik
You can use the glow zombies and the shotgun guys from two base sets to play "Night of the Living Dead" Tablut (or "Zombie" Hnefatafl, if you prefer). If you want, you can see Impressive Details about setting this up.

Mmm... Brains!

Submitted by: Lance, Tom and the Gang at Arcane Sanctuary
Our idea is to make a red Jello mold in the shape of a brain and float the glowing zombies inside like fruit. It would look real cool once you turn out the lights.

Jacket O'Zombies

Submitted by: Kev Smith
Take one Bag O' Zombies. Glue, sew, staple, nail or otherwise attach the Zombies!!! to a jacket or coat. Then When Darkness Comes stand under a bright light to 'charge' them up before proceeding out into the night. You can now walk the streets in complete safety as you glow like a Three-Mile Island cat.

Bumper of Zombies

Submitted by: Lee Williams
Simply glue them in a line on to the rear bumper of your car. This will make your car more easily visible at night, and help to prevent other motorists from running into it. :-)

Bag O'Zombies with All Flesh Must Be Eaten

Submitted by: Jody Denton
What I have done is use them with the Steve Jackson Games "Mall of the Dead" Floor Plan, for All Flesh Must Be Eaten. By using the Zombies it allowed me more time to focus on preparing for the game and it was nice to see the horror in my players faces when wave after wave of zombies kept attacking the group.

Bag o' Zombies!!! Man

Submitted by: Steve Donohue
Only diehard Champions fans with a sense of humor will be willing to look at this character sheet.

Abacus O'Zombies

Submitted by: Matt Steflik
You could use the glowing bag o' zombies to replace the beads in a thirteen ordinate column abacus. Matt has, of course, provided a plan for his abacus.

Zombies!!! In The Dark

Submitted by: Ben Monroe
I've done this a couple of times... played a game of "Zombies!!!" with all my pals in a completely darkened room, replacing _all_ the zombies from the base set with glowin' ones… and then given each player a chemical lightstick to cast light onto the table with to see the monsters and tiles... Really adds to the atmosphere of the game.

Zombies Cake

Submitted by: Anthony N. Emmel
I like making cakes for the cake walk at my church's Halloween carnival. Skull cakes, dragon cakes, that sort of thing.
This year, I think I'll use a bag of zombies to make "Zombie Cemetery"! ;)

Third Place: Zombies Simulation Drinks

Submitted by: Val Reznic
When I play Zombies!!! I like to get the all night party going with a nice cold drink and these are my favorite drink recipes for the party.

Second Place: Zombies, Zombies and More Zombies!

Submitted by: Paul Willhouse
Three and Twenty Uses for a Bag o' Zombies.

First Place: 101 Uses for a Bag O' Zombies

Submitted by: Sean Loftiss
Just when you thought Paul might have too much time on his hands, Sean sends us an even bigger list of things to do with a bag o' zombies.

Our thanks to all the entrants! If you haven't already done so, please send your address to Kerry even if you entered but didn't win.