Trivia Contest

We announced our second official Zombies!!! Contest back on June 21. It was played on our mailing list. Although we initially announced a single winner (first one with all the answers correct), we've decided to award four first prizes after all, a copy of Zombies!!! 2: Zombie Corps(e), for each of the players who got them all right.

Keary Birch, Jeff Jones, Skelos Von Forcewolf (aka Kelly Spellman), and Fantaphage (real name unknown) were the winners. You need to contact Kerry to arrange delivery of your copy of Zombies!!!! 2: Zombie Corps(e)

For those who just have to know, here are the questions (and answers):

  1. What do the Corpse Grinders make out of human remains?
    Cat food.
  2. What city, state and year were Dawn of the Dead filmed?
    Monroeville, Pennsylvania 1977-1978 (weren't too picky about the date).
  3. Name the zombie master portrayed by Bela Lugosi in White Zombie.
    Murder Legendre.
  4. Why does Squire Hamilton revive his deceased neighbors in Plague of the Zombies?
    To work for him in an old tin mill.
  5. Why does Kieron Moore murder innocent bystanders for their hearts in Dr. Blood's Coffin?
    He kills those that he feels are worthless to save those he feels are worthy.
  6. Who plays the SS officer who commands nazi zombies in Shock Waves?
    Peter Cushing.
  7. What 1959 thriller involves shrunken heads and an Ecuadorian zombie?
    The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake.
  8. What war is the backdrop for Isle of the Dead?
    The Balkan War of 1912.
  9. Who portrays the cemetery caretaker who discovers that moving around pins on a graveyard map causes people to either die or return from the dead in I Bury the Living?
    Richard Boone
  10. In what 1979 film does an underwater zombie do battle with a shark?
    Lucio Fulci's Zombie aka Zombi 2.

Thanks for playing, it's been fun. We may have to do it again.