Twelve Player Scenario Contest

Back in April, we posted a contest looking for a good 12 player game of Zombies!!! There weren't many rules - any or all expansions and just make sure to explain all your special rules. Oh, and make it take less than 3 hours.

We got quite a few entries and the winner will receive a signed copy of MidEvil before it goes public. The scenarios we received were all good, but only one could be the best.

Here are some of the other scenarios we received.

Fiesta for the Copter by Jay Cockrel
Winner!!! Jay won the contest and the copy of MidEvil. We aren't publishing his entry because we want it to be a surprise if you come to one of our summer convention games.

All Hell's Broken Loose by Bryan Stewart
This one has all the expansions, two-player teams and secret victory conditions.

Soldiers vs Survivors by Anthony Boyd
Two distinct victory conditions make this one interesting. It also uses all the expansions.

Signs of the Apocalyspe by Joseph Thomassie
Two teams compete to find a demon-possessed sorceror but where is he? He could be at the mall, the military base, out camping or just hanging out at the local Media Buy.

Rise of the Necromancer by K. K. Gordon
Just when the Helipad is in sight, the true enemy is revealed. For Zombies!!! and either Mall Walkers or Zombie Corps(e)

Aftermath by H Kevin Long
Two mercenary teams compete to kill the most zombies while suffering the fewest casualties.

Super Zombies!!! by Michael Stewart
This is actually several different scenarios in one.

The Gang's All Here by Paul Willhouse
Groups of survivors try to find the pilot and fuel to board the helicopter escape.

Helipad Two by Nate Scheidler
Can you make it to the other helipad?

Zombies!!!: Living Dead World by Chuck "Metal Carnage" Stocky
Survive long enough to read the book of the dead and may the most carnage win.

Our thanks to all the entrants!