Zombies!!!: Deadtime Stories

Design: Kerry Breitenstein
Artwork: Dave Aikins
Scenarios: Kerry Breitenstein, Dr. Alban, Adam Cardoza, Joshua Cassity, Wolfgang Foulkes, Miles Holmes, Ben Kepner, Garth Matthams, William M. Miller, Arthur Russell, Dean A. Smires
Fiction: Joshua Cassity, Wolfgang Foulkes, Patrick Kapera, Derek Mann, Garth Matthams, Dean A. Smires
Our Number: TLC 2411
UPC: 823973024114
Suggested Price: $19.99
Status: Coming May 2014

72-page soft bound scenario book, 10 character cards, 24 experience cards, 30 scenario cards, zombie stat reference card and 12 Zombies!!! bingo cards

The zombie apocalypse creeps across the world, gutting cities and driving survivors to find refuge beyond areas of previously dense population. This struggle is seen everywhere, but it’s not the whole story... Who are these survivors, and why do they fight to survive? 

Deadtime Stories is a story-driven expansion for the award-winning Zombies!!! board game. For the first time, players can take on roles, achieve a variety of goals, and gain experience over multiple games. The box also contains variant rules, zombie types for a different flavor every time a new fig hits the table, and new ways to combine sets and even merge Zombies!!! with Humans!!! and Martians!!!

This product contains a softbound scenario book with two full campaigns and several single missions created by fans of the game, along with rules for combining sets and games and tons of extras to make your Zombies!!! experience better than ever. Also included are 10 character cards, 24 experience cards, 30 scenario cards, and zombie stat reference cards. 

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Play Kate, the Cheerleader
Gain new abilities
Random scenario draws
Play Zombies!!! bingo!