MallWalker Fiction Contest

We ran a contest to write the fiction for MallWalkers, the second expansion for Zombies. We aren't announcing winners yet, but here are all the entries except for first place.

Winner's Podium

Death by Muzak
by S. Matthew Fullenwider  

by Charlie Slayton

Honorable Mention

Spring Valley
by Munch Wolf

by Susan Going Genovese

Eating Out
by Kelley Kombrinck

GOD, I hate the mall!
by Patrick Phalen

Window Shopping
by Sean Loftiss

A day at the Mall
by Curt Covert

Get What You Need
by Matt Steflik

Exchanged Goods
by Keary Birch

Shop 'til you drop
by Curt Covert

Our thanks to all the entrants!