Zombies!!! 5: School's Out Forever

Raise your hand if you thought Zombies!!! 4 really was the end.

At Twilight University, the normal curriculum has changed. Instead of studying science and art, students at this school study improvised weaponry and major in SURVIVAL!!!

This expansion for the Zombies!!! board game adds:

  • 16 new map tiles
  • 32 new event cards
  • "Guts" tokens
  • New universal "Guts" rules for use with any Zombies!!! set

Requires the Zombies!!! core set to play.

As a side note, this expansion is very cool and has some of the best artwork Dave has ever done.

Designer: Kerry Breitenstein and Todd A. Breitenstein
Additional Development: Brian, Steve, Tom
Additional Writing: Mark Metzner
Artwork: Dave Aikins
Playtesters: The Usual Cast of Living Impaired...Thanks to everyone who helped bring the dead back to life... Again!
Our Number: TLC 2015
UPC: 823973020086
Suggested Price: $14.99
Status: Coming Soon as of January 2009

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