Zombie Corps(e) Fiction Contest

We held a contest to write one of the scenarios that will be included in the book. All we're going to tell you about the winning entry is that it's called "A Walk In The Park" and it was written by Keary Birch. If you want to see more, you're going to have to go military this July with our new expansion.

There were a lot of other entrants and we awarded three second prizes and five second prize winners. All the second place winners will get a free copy of Zombie Corps(e) when it comes out. The third place winners will get a Bag o' Zombies. Without further ado, here they are:

Second Place

Army of the Dead
by Rob Edwards

You're Next
by Doug Brunell

Zombie Retail
by Johnny Gallagher

Third Place

The Military Base
by Fco. Julio Garc a Montejano

The Winter Retreat
by Darren Hardy

by Santi Eximeno and Tony Vargas

Zombie Corpse
by Daniel Holmes

by Jason Malpass