Zombies!!! Fan Sites

All things Zombies

Zombies, zombies and more zombies. A site hosted by our very good friend Kevin.
Submitted by Kerry on Feb 10, 2009

Uncl Evls Ideas for Zombies!!!

A few interesting new scenarios and variant rules.
Submitted by Steve D. on May 18, 2003

Zombies!!! by Twilight Creations

All about zombies!!! series in french version.Rules translated, scenarios translated, Cards translated, game's description.Everything to play it in french.Thank you Twilight creation for this wonderfull game!!!
Submitted by Wolfo dei wolfy on Sep 15, 2005

Zombies!!! Other Sites

Board Games by Troll and Toad

We have thousands of board including several games by Twilight creation and many other collectible games.
Submitted by Ryan on May 5, 2008

Radio Filibuster

Mentions Zombies as part of their podcast.
Submitted by Kerry on Jan 1, 2006

Zombies!!! Related Games


Fun brain-eating game.
Submitted by Bub on May 18, 2003

Zombie Infection Simulator

Cute little web toy that simulates the spread of an urban zombie infection
Submitted by Matt Steflik on Oct 6, 2003


Where will you go when all hell breaks loose?We are adding new items daily! Stickers! T-Shirts! Decals! Zombie Hot Dogs! Zombie Tacos! Zombie Keychains! Keep checking back for more zombie and undead related novelty items and apparel!
Submitted by Brian Hardin II on Jul 19, 2008

Zombies!!! Reviews

Action Figure Times

"This is a great game, and seeing how Halloween is coming, would be a great game to bring to a party..."
Submitted by Kerry on Oct 23, 2005


"All players enjoyed the game a great deal and in fact didn't want to stop playing! We could find no complaints at all. Zombies! is immediately addictive, quick to learn but still challenging."
Submitted by Kerry on Apr 6, 2005

Dirty Sock Puppet Theater

A site that contains a review for Zombies, and in the near future will include 'house rules'.
Submitted by Joe Miles on May 18, 2003

Flames Rising

"The bullets fly and the zombies pile up in this game from Twilight Creations, Inc. Zombies!!! the board game proclaims to be a no-brainer, but assuredly this is a high-strategy game"
Submitted by Kerry on Jun 13, 2005

Game Zombie Game Reviews

'The game has been produced wonderfully -- with 100 plastic zombies, how could you go wrong? Seriously though, the game has good artwork, great balance and enough opportunities to double-cross your friends that it is great fun.'
Submitted by Steve on May 18, 2003

Gaming Report Review

Check out what the Gaming Report had to say about Zombies!!!
Submitted by Steve D. on May 18, 2003

Got Dice?

Four and a Half stars out of 5!
Submitted by Steve D. on May 18, 2003

Gothic Revue

"The ultra-scary, constantly-changing, gruesomely-colourful game where the Dead most definitely don't stay lying down, for very long! "
Submitted by Kerry on Nov 1, 2005

Review at Yellow-Menace.Com

Zombies!!! is a lot of fun, combining just the right levels of humor and horror in a fast-paced and competitive game. And fans of zombie movies (like us) are bound to sink their teeth into it even more.
Submitted by Steve on Sep 21, 2006

The Game Keep Review

A review by The Game Keep.
Submitted by Steve D. on May 18, 2003


zombiedefense.org is a research commune entirely devoted to preparing the world for the upcoming zombie apocalypse. We reviewed the game here: Link
Submitted by Rev. Shaun Whitney on Jan 9, 2006

Zombies 4: The End on Gaming Report

4.5 out of 5!
Submitted by webmaster on Feb 27, 2005


Reviews of the different Zombies!!! Games. Site is in german, but can be translated with google-translation under the navigation-point "translation".
Submitted by Joerg on Nov 29, 2007

Zombies!!! Theme Sites

4 Zombies

the place to find everything 4 zombies and the living dead!
Submitted by Jim on Mar 7, 2005

All Things Zombie

Frequently updated news and reviews of zombie related media.
Submitted by Matt Steflik on Oct 6, 2003


Thoughts on the coming zombie apocalypse. Discussion of zombie scenarios as portrayed in film, literature, comic books, and everything in between. Down-to-earth dialogue on what may or may not happen, and how best to survive the undead menace.
Submitted by Brian on Mar 12, 2008

Brains for Zombies

A great place to set the mood or do a little shopping
Submitted by Steve D. on May 18, 2003


Dark decor for your home or dungeon.For all your spooky needs, Sculpture,T-shirts,background music and so much more.We offer Zombies,Skulls,Pirate art,and all of your Dark decor needs. Check us out for the latest in unusual dark art and more.Ghoul
Submitted by Buzz Zombie on Mar 8, 2004

Day by Day Armageddon

The journal of one survivor in a world overrun with zombies.
Submitted by Steve on Jun 17, 2004

Homepage of the Dead

This website is dedicated to George Romero's Dead trilogy. It contains information of the film, related trivia, fiction, art, and related games.
Submitted by Tony on May 18, 2003

humorous book..Zombie Survival Guide

An actual book on how to keep the pesky undead at bay. For those dreaming they were Ash!
Submitted by Glenn on Sep 19, 2003

I Love Zombies Page

Lots of great zombie references covering movies, collectibles, games, and more. Also offers movie lists and reviews and some interesting Zombie diversions.
Submitted by Steve on May 18, 2003

Of Corpse, A Zombie Guide!

New book available as a pre-order. A Zombie Guide, Of Corpse! is a coffee table book (8x10 inches) that covers all things zombie, including extensive pages of movie listings with short descriptions, movie reviews, history of the zombie genre, Voodoo Zomb
Submitted by Steve on Sep 6, 2007

Order of Zombie Outbreak Resistance Tacticians

The site is geared toward serving two purposes: First, for entertainment, obviously. the site is both interesting and informative. Secondly, a lot of people have expressed the fear of not knowing what to do if they were to encounter zombies or if there
Submitted by Classified on Mar 10, 2005

The Ghoul Next Door

Site run by Karen Schon, who played Karen Cooper on the original 'Night of the Living Dead.'
Submitted by Randy on May 18, 2003

The zombie survival guide

A great book
Submitted by Martin on Nov 23, 2003

You can never be too safe!

Zombie Alert -- Home Protection for Sophisticated Families
Submitted by Steve on May 18, 2003

Zombie and Voodoo Quiz

Even Moonsylver might miss a few of these!
Submitted by Steve on May 18, 2003

Zombie Friends

Zombie Friends is a place for the Zombies, undead and Horror Freaks to hangout when not out shambling among the living. Meet and be a zombie friend with horror movie nutz, Zombies, the Undead, Night Walkers, horror film industry folk and horror film wanna
Submitted by Will Sanders on Jan 5, 2007