Alternate Line Of Sight rules

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Written on: 28. 07. 2011 [08:11]
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I understand the Line of sight rules for the game, but I find it lacks using the guns full wild west potential. We use pretty much the same sytem with this exception. Dudes can shoot other dudes(NPC's) in buildings from the street or directly across a building they are in (if they have a gun with the right range), but dudes in buildings are considered in "cover" so they get +2 to their agility roll (My other idea was an extra d6 agility while in cover or -2 {or -1d6} for the shooter's roll, but I never tried it out cause this sytem worked pretty well.) Being in cover of course has no effect if your in the same building. I have tried this in a two-player only once and it seemed to work well and add more opportunities for gunfights and shoot outs without handicaping the game too much. I liked it, but any form of imput or suggestions is welcome.

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