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Written on: 19. 04. 2012 [01:42]
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I have the game Martians!!! a friend of mine has the game ZOMBIES!!! I am sure there is a way to combine both games in to one night of all around gaming fun. has anyone else with access to both games attempted this before?

I'm thinking that the characters will start in an ordinary game of ZOMBIES!!!, and after the game gets going there will be a MARTIAN!!! invasion. The game would consist of mainly ZOMBIES!!! rules, but the MARTIANS!!! would have their own agenda. It would require the zombie master additional rule, and once the zombie master is placed, the martians would appear. their mission would be to capture the zombie master, and return him to the ufo.
Written on: 07. 02. 2015 [01:23]
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I also need help combining both games. Can anyone point me to the right direction? Thank you