Forever Young - questions about TRAP tile & more

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Written on: 27. 12. 2012 [19:10]
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Hi -

According to the instructions on the trap tile, that tile is interacting with other tiles, which is not possible with the rest of the game play. They seem to be written by someone who has never played the game, to be honest.

Has anyone found anything that clears this problem up, like completely rewritten instructions for that tile? Some specific questions we have are:

do we just ignore what it says about vampire or human leaders as the pawns don't have any designation for that?

if the die roll for the trap is successful in trapping, is that pawn removed from the game?

if the die roll for the trap is successful in trapping a human pawn, is that pawn retained for use during the feeding phase?

A general question: when landing on a stack of tiles in the same color, is it required to look at the top-most stack, or can you choose any one from that pile?

Thanks for any help!