Cthulhu!!! Hastur La Vista, Baby!

Event Cards

The Bullets. They Do Nothing! (2 in set)
Automatic: Weapons cannot be used until the end of your next turn. 

Choking Hazard (2 in set)
Automatic: Target 2 players. They each lose 1 health. 

Claw of the Beast (3 in set)
Weapon: Add +1 to combat rolls against cultists until you fail a combat roll (including this weapon bonus). 

Clever Ploy (2 in set)
No Byakhee ca attack you this turn. When you land on a space with a Byakhee, you must still make a sanity check. 

Don’t Look Up (2 in set)
Automatic: Place one Byakhee on you square. 

Elder Sign (2 in set)
Play this card to move past any number of enemies this turn without combat. You must still make sanity checks against Byakhee. 

I’ll Just Be In Here (2 in set)
Automatic: Move your pawn to the closest building. You cannot leave the building this turn. 

I’ll Take That (2 in set)
Target a player. Take one weapon in play or look at the player’s relics and take 2 (your choice). 

Keep Looking (2 in set)
Place one additional tile this turn. If all tiles have been placed, switch the starting tile (Church tile) with any tile in play, excluding Ritual Sites. 

Lucky Us! (2 in set)
All players gain 1 health. 

Moment of Calm (2 in set)
Target player gains 1 sanity. 

No, You Fool! (2 in set)
Automatic: All players lose 1 sanity. 

Party Crashers (2 in set)
Automatic: Add 2 Byakhee to any one tile. 

Rites and Rituals (2 in set)
Automatic: Place three cultists on your current tile. 

Sucks to be You (2 in set)
All players roll off. The loser discards all of their bullets. Re-roll all ties. 

Tell Hastur I Said Hello! (2 in set)
Play when target player is in combat with a Byakhee. The Byakhee is automatically defeated. 

Tommy Gun (3 in set)
Weapon: Add +1 combat rolls for the next 5 rounds (this round plus 5 more).

Unexpected Company (1 in set)
Automatic: Target player rolls for combat 9target number 8). That player receives 2 relics if successful. 

We Were Just Leaving (2 in set)
Automatic: Every player is moved to a space outside their current building if they are in a building. 

What Dreams May Come (2 in set)
Move one Byakhee from anywhere on the board and place onto any player’s square. 

Wretched Revelation (2 in set)
Roll sanity (3 or better to avoid losing 1 sanity) to kill 1 Byakhee or 2 Cultists on your tile or an adjacent tile. 

Yellow Sign (2 in set)
Move target player to the closest cultist. 

You Didn’t Need These Anyway (2 in set)
When a player dies on a Ritual Site, play this card to collect 2 of the Relics they discard (your choice). 

You've Lost Your Damn Mind! (1 in set)
Target player loses all sanity. 

Your Flesh Betrays You (2 in set)
Automatic: Keep this card in front of you. Your maximum health is 4 or less for the rest of the game. 

Relic Cards

Additionally, Cthulhu!!! Hastur La Vista, Baby! includes 16 each of the following Relic cards...

  • Amulet
  • Dagger
  • Idol
  • Space Mead
  • Tome

These have no individual mechanical effect, and are instead used to sanctify Ritual Sites, and for end game scoring.