Jupiter Rescue

Game Concept and Design: Mark Major
Our Number: TLC 6000
UPC: 82397306006
Suggested Price: $49.99
Status: Coming May 2014

20 double-sided module tiles, 1 evacuation pod tile, 4 reference cards, 36 rescue cards, 1 six-sided die, and 127 plastic figures (7 player robots, 50 colonists, 60 creeps, and 10 super creeps)

You’re a crack team of rescue robots, launched into space to help the humans at the Jupiter Deep colony get out of whatever predicament they've gotten themselves into. And it’s a big one this time. The station has been invaded by creeps — alien creatures that snack on humans and multiply until they consume all life in the area. Use your special tools and abilities to save them before the colony blows apart.

Jupiter Rescue is an exciting cooperative strategy game in which 2 to 7 players work together to evacuate colonists before they’re converted into alien creeps. Players take 5 actions to move, drive back the creeps, and use powerful programming cards. The board and dice rolls determine creep advancement, and double-sided tiles allow for hundreds of station variations.

30–60 minutes to play

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Back of the box
A programming card
Go go go!
Trample some creeps!
Race across the colony
A setback card
That's not good
We call him "Squatty"
A common module tile
Two more tile designs
Every loss matters