When Darkness Comes...

When Darkness Comes is a tile-based board game that combines roleplaying with boardgaming. The first core set, called "The Awakening", deals with the undead (zombies, mummies, vampires, etc)

Designer: Kerry Breitenstein and Todd Breitenstein
Additional Development: Brian "Ruk" May
Artwork: Dave Aikins
Sculptor: Behrle Hubbuch
Playtesters: Jeff "SisyphusX" Bailey, Tory Brooks, Mark Bordenet, Diane Champagne, Kristie Donohue, Steve Donohue, Robert "Moonsylver" Edwards, Maria Edwards, Hilary Foster, Dan and Amy Frohlich, Joe Hellar, John "King WooWoo" Heydt, Valerie "Average Lass" Heydt, Darin Hinners, Tim Hunt, Bart Janssens, Roy D. Khat, Sarah Martini, Brian "Ruk" May, Mark "Pomr" Miller, Mary Nespoli, Peter Nespoli, Cynthia "Toots" Noel, Sharon "Vampy" Noel, Lou Pezet, Laura "Jaz" Pierson, Tom Ray, Ronald Schanlaub, David Schatz, Daniel Sieman, Mike Stevens, Steve Wales, and Bill and Jenny Wilson
Our Number: TLC 1001
UPC: 823973010018
Suggested Price: $29.99
Status: In Stock as of September 30, 2004 update

Expansions and Accessories

The Horror Within (Expansion)
This expansion for When Darkness Comes... focuses on the world of shape shifters and lycanthropes. It also contains part two of the GM campaign.

Hell Unleashed (Expansion)
This expansion for When Darkness Comes... features additional rules and scenarios for cultists and more. Also contains part three of the GM campaign.

The Darkness Before the Dawn (Expansion)
Things can always get worse...and now they have! This expansion for When Darkness Comes... wraps up the first campaign.

The Most Dangerous Game (Expansion)
You are a spy, a superspy if you will, working for a large world organization to sequester the political and not so political entanglements that threaten the calm and quiet existence of a world on the brink of disaster. A Spycraft Expansion

This is Not Happening (Expansion)
What if everything you thought was real was a figment of someone else's imagination? This expansion for the When Darkness Comes... role-playing boardgame focuses on cybernetic/dreamworld themes where players are not limited by the laws of physics and even reality itself can be altered.

The Nameless Mist (Expansion)
This expansion has been eons in the making...
Arkham is a strange place and when you dorm at Miskatonic U. it only gets weirder. Explore the darker side of college life. But, be sure to take notes... there will be a quiz!

Official When Darkness Comes... Stuff

Quickstart Rules
A shorter version of the rulebook.

Combined Rules
One handy document containing all the rules so far. Created by Staffan Bengtson.

Updated Rules
Working from Staffan's document, Stephen J. Rogers, has made some changes his is really 4 pages:
Original Rules from When Darkness Comes...
Expansion Changes based on published expansions.
Reference Sheet resolution of common actions.
Expansion Changes stats on the various disks.

Having trouble remembering which parts go with which set? Here's the list.

French Rulebook
Thanks to Olivier Savary we know have a translation of the When Darkness Comes... rulebook into French. Thanks Olivier!

Combined Italian Rulebook
Thanks to Simone Tampieri for translating Staffan Bengtson's original combined rules.

Spanish Rules
Thanks to Jesus Hernandez and Ruben Fernandez for these!

Spanish Rules (updated)
Thanks to Raul Abad

Character Sheets
Blank character sheets for When Darkness Comes...

When Darkness Comes... The Awakening FAQ
When Darkness Comes...The Horror Within FAQ
Combined When Darkness Comes... The Awakening FAQ

When Darkness Comes... Stuff on Our Site

Project Genesis
The official con scenario for 2003.


Twilight for Life Contest
Write a scenario, win every Twilight Creations Inc title published for life.

Most Dangerous Game Contest
Write a scenario for our Most Dangerous Game supplement.

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Fan Submitted WDC... Stuff on Our Site

Dark Zombies
There is no short name for this combination of When Darkness comes and Zombies!!! that won't either be or become a bad pun. The work is extensive and definitely worth looking into. It comes to us from Veto Void.

Solo Thoughts
These ideas from Chris Fuller are somewhere between scenarios and full-blown solo rules. They're a good starting point and a lot of fun.

Possession is Nine-Tenths
Grant Erswell sent us this scenario for use at conventions and anywhere else where time is of the essence. It's fast and fun

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