Fan Sites

Uncl Evls Ideas for Zombies!!!

Interesting new scenarios and variant rules
Submitted by Steve D. on May 18, 2003

Zombies Blogg

(French) This site offers cool new options, reviews, and other additions for many of Twilight Creations' games.
Submitted by Wolfo dei wolfy on Sep 15, 2005


Midnight Syndicate

Soundtracks for the imagination. The music to get you in the mood... for horror.
Submitted by Kerry on May 18, 2003

Horror Stuff

Buzz-Works: Dark Decor for your Home or Dungeon

This site offers original spooky sculpture and art for the ghoul in all of us. If you dig zombies, vampires, skulls, skeletons, gargoyles, or anything similar, this is the place for you. 
Submitted by Buzz Zombie on Mar 8, 2004

Horror Fiction Interactive!

Experience the next dimension in horror fiction and step inside a horror story where the main character... is you!
Submitted by Howard Sherman on May 15, 2009

Top Halloween Links

A resource site for all things Halloween, including the history of the holiday and thousands of related links.
Submitted by John Retzer on Sep 30, 2005

Wound Guides

Three guides, including tips for creating bloody wounds, bullet wounds, and wounds with shattered glass.
Submitted by Marie on Feb 14, 2014

Online Games


Eat some braaaaiiins!!!
Submitted by Bub on May 18, 2003

Zombie Infection Simulator

Simulates the spread of an urban zombie infection
Submitted by Matt Steflik on Oct 6, 2003

Zombie Mall

Where will you go when all hell breaks loose? To the mall, of course!
Submitted by Brian Hardin II on Jul 19, 2008

Press Coverage

Radio Filibuster

Great Zombies!!! shout out. Thank you! 
Submitted by webmaster on Jan 1, 2006

Zombie Stuff

All Things Zombie

News and reviews of zombie related media
Submitted by Matt Steflik on Oct 6, 2003

Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency

A 'tribute' site for the now defunct FVZA, with information on the agency's history, virtual training exercises, and (of course) data on vampires and zombies (their history, how to fight them, and so on). Reality or fiction? You be the judge.
Submitted by Matt Steflik on May 18, 2003

Homepage of the Dead

Dedicated to George Romero's Dead trilogy, with information about the films, trivia, fiction, art, and games
Submitted by Tony on May 18, 2003

Is Your Family Prepared for a Zombie Attack?

Zombie Alert -- Home Protection for Sophisticated Families
Submitted by Steve on May 18, 2003

Max Brooks

Sure, he's the son of one and only Mel Brooks, but he also writes some incredible zombie fiction 
Submitted by Martin on Nov 23, 2003


Worldwide zombie resources and UK zombie events
Submitted by Zombie Ed on Mar 3, 2006

Zombie and Voodoo Trivia Quiz

Even Moonsylver might miss a few of these!
Submitted by Steve on May 18, 2003

Zombie Friends

A place for fans of zombies, undead, and horror to hang out when they're not out shambling among the living
Submitted by Will Sanders on Jan 5, 2007

Zombie Squad

A crack team of zombie hunters that specialize in training the general public in how to survive a zombie invasion.
Submitted by Zombie Squad on Mar 31, 2004