game winning moment:

The zombie horde had been beaten back significantly leading up to the helipad, burning debris littered the road, eternal wails from police sirens echoed off in the distance. the last three survivors had been beaten down twice and the resources were dwindling. After clearing out the hospital of all its supplies and creating a few molotov's from the corner gas station, I saw one of his companions racing as fast as he could toward the helipad in the distance. 

Exhausted from the horrific nights atrocities, I leaned against a relatively undamaged Camaro complete with flames adorning the fenders, albeit covered in dents and splatters of blood. as I admired the vehicle I noticed a tiny glimmer of light under the steering wheel. THE KEYS WERE STILL IN THE IGNITION!

Frantically I crawled in the car and turned over the massive 6 cylinder V8 engine. The muscle car started up with a mighty roar and I wasted no time driving away as quickly as possible. 

As I passed by the mayhem and destruction I kept an eye out for my friend, but it was too late, he had fallen and was being dismembered by his attackers. I couldn't take my eyes off of him as the creatures began to tear into him, first taking random bites from his body, then after causing jets of blood to spray from his arteries, the monsters went in for the head, gnashing and gnawing until their Cerebral prize was unwrapped.

A thud woke me from my gaze, a lone Zombie had noticed my overly loud engine and come to investigate, with its teeth, on my hood. I floored the accelerator and took out two zombies, pinning the last one against the fence surrounding the helipad.

I backed up the car to build up speed, took off like a rocket and obliterated the fence only to discover that the helipad was overrun. Meandering my way through the horde was much easier in the airfield and I was practically painting the car red with all the zombies that were exploding against the Detroit steel body work. 

I saw the helicopter off in the distance, hovering just above a small swarm. I signaled them to fly out to an empty part of the runway as I drove away from my pursuers. The helicopter hovered just above my car and a man reached out to pull me up to safety. 

I was safe. For now.

Submitted by Thomas J. Ryan on Mar 15, 2014