Zombies!!! 12 - Zombie Zoo - Contents Only

Zombies!!! 12 - Zombie Zoo - Contents Only


A virus has infected the animals at the local zoo. Zombies with the cunning insticts of predatory animals are free and the unopened cages are straining to stay closed. Save the day by reaching the cages, overriding the release mechanism and terminating the animals that have escaped. Or just lock yourself in a cage and hope that someone braver than you comes along... Zombies!!! 12 not only adds a new challenge to the Zombies!!! universe, it adds six new types of zombies: Lions, tigers, polar bears, hyenas, monkeys and gorillas. This expansion for the Zombies!!! board game adds: - 14 new map tiles - 30 new event cards - Lock tokens - 90 new Zombie Animals (Six different figures) - Rules


Requires the Zombies!!! base set to play.

Does not include box!