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Little Dead Riding Hood

Designer: Kerry and Todd Breitenstein
Our Number: TLC 3900
UPC: 823973039002

Suggested Price: $34.99

Little Red Riding Hood checked the action of her 9mm and put it back into the shoulder holster under her cloak. Things had certainly changed since the “Big Bad” wolves star started rising from the dead and giving all of the Little Riding Hood sisters such a hard time.


If it weren’t for some quick thinking and a lucky shot, we would have lost Little Green last week, she thought. Well, no more! Grandma is sick and hungry. She needs us and no wolf is going to keep us from delivering our baskets. Little Red tucked the basket under her arm and walked toward the door'.


“Don’t forget your knife,” Red’s mother reminded her.


“I KNOW mom,” Little Red sighed and retrieved the knife from the table. “Duh!”


Little Dead Riding Hood is a racing game. Each player assumes the role of one of the Riding Hood sisters trying desperately to get supplies to their beloved grandmother. Simple really, except for those pesky zombie wolves.



1 Board - divided for 2, 3, 4 and 5 players

46 cards (40 events and 6 helpers)

75 tiles (starting marker, paths and obstacles)

50 chits (47 bullet and 3 wolves)

1 fabric bag (combat bag)

5 player pawns (Little Red, Little Blue, Little Black, Little Green and Little Yellow Riding Hoods)

25 Zombie Wolves



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