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Todd Breitenstein's Memorial Page

On March 24th, 2013 the Breitenstein family, the Twilight Creations family, and the gaming world suffered a devastating loss. Todd Breitenstein passed away after a heroic fight against cancer. He had so much passion for life, for his family and friends, and for his profession. To say that he will be missed doesn’t come close, and we are all gravely wounded by this loss.


Todd is survived by his wife of 24 years, Kerry, and their three fantastic children, Alex, Jonathan, and Marissa. Kerry gave Todd’s eulogy at the funeral, and she had this to say: 


                                                                             * * *

First of all, I want to thank each and every one of you for having such a powerful impact on our lives. Todd loved you all. His family and friends meant everything to him. He had so much love for the kids and I, and his passing has left us all in complete shock. But I don’t want to talk about how much he will be missed or how much he loved us or we loved him. If you spent any time at all around us, you know this already. I want you to know how much you all meant to him and how much he loved life. 

Todd’s love for his parents, his brother, and his sister was immeasurable. He would have done anything for them, and for any of you. In the end, he was suffering so much that he didn’t want his parents to see it. He sacrificed their comforting presence so that they didn’t have to see his pain. He kept telling his parents not to come back from Hawaii, and while it was tremendously hard on them, they did as he asked. He didn’t want to see the sorrow in their eyes when they learned how much he’d deteriorated and suffered. Todd’s was truly a love with no boundaries. 

He also had such love for his friends. Some of the best times we had were with you all. He looked forward to all the conventions and to see our second family: Zev, Paulie, our demo crew, our friends in the industry, and all our fans was a huge highlight of the year for him. I couldn’t possibly describe to you how much each of you meant to him and how much you mean to our family.

Even in the cases when we’ve lost contact or didn’t see you as much as we would have liked, please know that each of you had a special place in Todd’s heart. We constantly talked about the past, the many people we knew, and all the fun we’ve had with you. 

Todd enjoyed meeting and talking to anyone and everyone, including the wonderfully supportive folks at the bank, post office, grocery store, doctor’s offices, and especially our friends at US Worldwide, who made our lives so much easier over the years. 

You could always tell when Todd was in the room. There were jokes and laughing and people rolling their eyes. He found fun in everything. 

When the kids and I were going through all the pictures we’ve taken, every memory came with more laughter. We had so much fun, no matter what we were doing. There is truly no one else out there like Todd. 

While his life was cut short, the amount of living he put into it was astounding. He told me months ago that if it was his time to go, it was okay because he had done so much, seen so much, and loved so much. We always admitted to being the luckiest people alive. While at this moment I don’t feel like the luckiest person, I do feel truly blessed that I had the time we shared. My hope is that each of you either already has or finds something as special as the bond between Todd and I. 

Kerry Breitenstein, 2013

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