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The Haunting House 2: The Second Story

The Haunting House 2: The Second Story

SKU: TLC 3101

You got away with it once. But now you're bored...again. It must be time to hit the Breitenstein house again. After all, you and your friends never got around to the second floor. (You really should get a new hobby.) This time around the goal is the same... The first one to get from the second floor to the exit wins the bet. Well maybe there is one slight difference. You seemed to have awakened the sleeping evil. And it wants you dead! The Haunting House 2 adds new strategic elements, hidden bonsues and automatically turning halls. Oh...and GHOSTS! Conents: 25 Revolving hallway tiles, 1 staircase, 16 action modifier disks, 4 ghost disks and rules. Fun for all ages. 

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