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The Haunting House 3: A Ghost Story

The Haunting House 3: A Ghost Story

SKU: TLC 3102

Ahhh... You love the autumn! The leaves are changing and deathhangs in the air...Okay, so it's Halloween you love. What started as a bet has become an obsession. Sure, the second floor was confusing. It was fun though. And no one got hurt, but, since then something in that attic keeps calling your name. Looks like it's time to hit the old Breitenstein house again. And this time getting out is a luxury you may not have! The Haunting House 3 adds new strategic elements disappearing halls, new cards. Oh... and with the new pawns you might become a ghost and haunt the house yourself! Contents include 16 flipping hallway tiles, 1 staircase, 2 new action cards per player, 6 ghost pawns, rules. Fun for the whole family! 

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