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The Haunting House: Condemned Edition

The Haunting House: Condemned Edition

SKU: TLC 3110

It's Friday Night... You're bored... The old Breitenstein place is just screaming your name! Let's face it, you and your friends just aren't that bright. You've seen the movies; heard the stories; dreamt the dreams. You, of course, didn't believe any of them. (What a shame...) The bet is made. Everyone goes in the front... The first one out of the back wins! If only it was that easy! Use the cards to manipulate the halls, but watch out for the trap doors. And where was the exit again? Conents include 36 "hallway" tiles, 1 entrace, 1 exit, 60 cards, 6 custom sculpted pawns and 1 starting player marker. Fun for all ages. Will ship the end of September. 

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