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When Darkness Comes - This is Not Happening

When Darkness Comes - This is Not Happening

SKU: 1005

What if everything you thought was real was a figment of someone else’s imagination? This expansion for the When Darkness Comes... role-playing boardgame focuses on cybernetic/dreamworld themes where players are not limited by the laws of physics and even reality itself can be altered. Components: 5 New Scenarios, 2 board tiles, 24 New encounter disks, a self contained GM run adventure and new rules additions Designer: Kerry Breitenstein and Todd Breitenstein Additional Development: Brian "Ruk" May Additional Writing: Mark Bordenet, Todd Breitenstein, David Carl, Robert Defendi, Matt Forbeck, and Frank Russel Artwork: Dave Aikins


Requires When Darkness Comes...The Awakening to play.

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