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Zombie Survival 2 -There Goes the Neighborhood

Zombie Survival 2 -There Goes the Neighborhood

SKU: 3801

Let's face it, zombies are many things but, graceful is not one of them. Thankfully, you didn't listen when the wife told you to clean the yard. Those lawn gnomes and pink flamingos don't seem to stop them. They do however, slow 'em down. Maybe it will be enough! Zombie Survival 2 adds: Outside Item tiles (To "Slow 'Em Down!) 3 Additional Store Decks (More Shopping...Hurray!) A new card type! “The Fate Deck” (Wasn't the Event Deck Enough?!?) Damage tokens (For use with the Flak Jacket) Lots more Zombies (As if there weren't enough)


Requires Zombie Survival Game to play.

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